Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The ignorant things people say rant

Only a handful of ppl know our embryos were created from donor egg.  Mostly women friends online who have been through losses. On new years eve, a close friend of dh tried to give me a pep talk about my losses, telling me that I should just eat healthy, exercise and not worry. He said that alot of his friends have gotten pregnant and had no problem. I had to ask him if he knew about chromosome abnormalities. (Puzzled look from him). He and his fiancee listened to my explanation. Anyway, last week we went to dinner with the same friends. After alot of discussion about their upcoming wedding plans, Dh said how hopeful we were now that we have 3 PGS tested normal embryos.  I added that I was worried about the immune issues and talked about the prednisone and lovenox. So his fiancee (age 31) says "Well, women over 40 have more risk for chromosome abnormalities." Well, little does she know, our egg donor was only 25 at the time of Egg Retrieval.  I miscarried 2 of those embryos (cause unknown) and one of the PGS tested embryos had a chromosome abnormality-Monosomy 20.
My response was : I already know from experience that women over 40 have increased risk for ch ab. but it is not always the case. I have met alot of women where immune issues were at play. Genetic mutations like MTHFR can cause unexplainable birth defects. A friend's baby was chromosomally normal and could not survive due to these birth defects. So very sad.

Then on a forum for pregnancy loss I had been following, a lady who is pregnant after 16 chemical pregnancies by using prednisone therapy says:
The more I read and study I find that the only women who really need IVF are the ones who do not ovulate naturally and even some of them can coherse their bodies to ovulate and produce eggs of quality with the right foods vitamins and meds"

Speaking from experience, I disagree! Thanks to opks I know that I ovulate like clockwork every month! I have gotten pregnant several times "spontaneously". Had my m/c babies been tested chromosomally normal then yes, I would keep trying naturally with immune therapy. However I need IVF because there is no other way to do PGS and avoid any more miscarriages due to chromosome abnormality. So the women who need IVF are not only those who DO NOT ovulate naturally!

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