Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last varicella injection

I went for my second varicella injection this morning.  Now just one more month before we can start ttcing again.  I am feeling confident that the acupuncture and new vitamins are going to make a big difference.   Can't get Eric to exercise with me but we go for walks.  I do pilates and fertility yoga.  I still haven't convinced him to get acupuncture treatments yet but I am working on it!

*Update: Eric started acupuncture with me  September 2nd! He likes and trusts the doctor :) I am thrilled!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Today I went to my second acupuncture treatment and my doctor is so nice.  When he started talking about bbt charting and opk's I was so happy because I had been doing that before ivf and the fertility doctor wasnt interested.  This doctor said that acupuncture increases the chance of conception form 20% to 40%.  That was music to my ears.  Since he is also an herbalist I asked him to recommend some chinese herbs and so I am ordering "womens treasure".  I had the varicella injection so after the second shot I can start the herbal supplements.  Hubby has started taking Fertility blend.