Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Giving IVF another try

Embryo retrieval day!! Huge ice storm so Eric and I drove up the night before. Good thing we drove up there the night before.. half an inch of ice and Chesterbrook was hit especially hard. No power. Our hotel room was one of those fantasy rooms. Which was all the Radisson had available. There was a jacussi near the bed, mirrors on the ceiling above the bed and on the walls! Lol Eric thought it was tacky. I couldn’t stop giggling. I could see he was didn’t like it and I wanted him to be comfortable so I asked to be changed to standard room. I told him I had visions of chains and whips . Who knows what goes on in those fantasy rooms.hehe. We couldnt use the jacussi anyway..Not good for Eric’s swimmers. We also did not like that it had NO windows. Weird! LOL
The bathroom was nicer and bigger in the standard and was the same price. Our room had 2 queen sized beds in it so we just slept in the one BED. Eric liked it because it was a sleep number bed. That night he had a dream about Paula. I asked what she said. He got a little teary eyed when he said that he asked her if she was here and she replied “Yes I am”. So her spirit is watching over our embryos in PA. J
My brother in law's girlfriend phoned and she said there is no power as of this morning so we made our way back home to turn the generator home so we could save our fish aquariums. They need to be kept at 84 F especially the babies. I Have been busy trying to get the temperature of the fish tank back up to 84.

Day 1- We got 7 mature eggs. The other 3 were not mature. 30 eggs split between us and 2 other couples. That is pretty darn good! The best news is that All 7 Eggs were fertilized!! We are so ecstatic! Eric’s sperm did awesome!
Thank God for the generator or all our fish would have died! They are all ok even the 2 week old fry. I did huge water changes in all tanks since they had no filtration for several hours till we arrived home.

Day 2- Six 4-cell, one 5-cell. In the past we have never gone past day 3 but these ones are looking wonderful and I am hopeful. My nurse seemed confident I will have a day 5 transfer and booked the ET for Monday at 1:20 pm. We were without power till tonight. Had the generator running for 2 days.
Day 3- Seven 8 cell embryos):)) !! woohoo! That is exactly where they should be. Thank-you Lord!
Angelfish spawned again!! Third time in 5 weeks! That has to be a god sign! I believe that fish not only bring good luck but all this egg laying must be a sign of fertility in our home :)

Embryo transfer day!!Day 5- Day started pretty early with Eric receiving phone calls at 2:30 and 4:30 am!! Not fair since he was on call all last week. Found out they forgot to switch lines for the on-call guy. Poor Eric hardly got any sleep and I didn’t either. 2 ½ drive to drive to PA again.  On our way there RE phoned and said our embryos were excellent!!:
1 Early Blastocyst
2 Full Blastocysts
3 Expanded Blastocysts
1 (Grade AA)-Hatching Blastocyst – this is the one they transferred J

I asked the clinic if it we could give our donor an anonymous gift. I had a bracelet made from beautiful stones for her. I wrapped it in a red and white box and gift bag for Valentine's day with a note that said "We appreciate you so much!!" I hope she likes it. :)
We ate lunch at Pei Wei Asian diner. I had some hot food. Spicy shrimp J

Here is our perfect Grade AA embryo and God willing, yfuture baby:

We are having a huge snowstorm for Eric's birthday so pretty much snowed in and Eric has all this snow to shovel. Poor guy. We have 5 frosties. The 6th that didn't make it to freezing was probably the early blastocyst that was a bit slower than the others.
We got 2 feet of snow. So tired of winter! 5 dp5dt- did a frer hpt and saw a very faint line but Eric said it's just a waterline. Probably too early..I will hold off for 3 days if I can.
BFP!! Light second line on an early Answer hpt! Hoping this is our rainbow baby but not letting myself get too excited yet...

I've been getting BFP's every day but line isn't getting darker :( Digital said "PREGNANT 1-2 weeks" but it should be saying 2-3 weeks since. I am 4 weeks 2 days today. I read some posts that the weeks estimator is not always accurate so trying to stay calm, but can't help worrying...

BFN...Rainbow has slipped away again :( 
Beta is 3 and since less than 5. means Negative.I had what the doctor called a chemical pregnancy. :( This is my 4th loss in 4 years :(  I had a long discussion with my fertility doctor. I asked him if he would consider intralipids. He said their practice didn't do it but he would ask the other doctors. Of course they said NO. He said FET should be better. I still believe my immune system is attacking the embryos. I will ask my kind OB from last year if she will order the NK test for me from a lab called Reprosource in MA.