Friday, November 27, 2015

FET CD 14- Ovulated on my own

Something weird is going on with my lining.  The nurse practitioner who measured it yesterday said it was only 6.8!? My heart sank. RE measured it at 9.8 yesterday and so he said that couldn't be possible so he redid the u/s. He measured 7.8. Not much better. :( He said once ovulation happens, lining does not get any thicker on a natural cycle. My regular RE said it could thicken a bit now that I started estradiol. I ovulated on my own yesterday so didn't need the Ovidrel trigger. I also felt O pain. Today RE measured it at 6.8 but it was 9 in some areas. I don't know if the adnomyosis is causing this?  My cycle may have to be cancelled if lining keep thinning. RE said it wouldn't be the biopsy because it is usually beneficial for implantation.  I had a great lining last month at 9.5.  I have to go for bloodwork & ultrasound again Thursday 3rd. The day before scheduled transfer day.  I am so tired from all these early morning appointments.  I should have transferred last month when I had a 9.5 lining instead of wasting it on the endometrial biopsy for the stupid ERA.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FET CD day 12

Lining was 9.8 this morning. E2 is 511. Even better than last cycle on this day. My nurse said she is confidant I will ovulate on my own again and not need the Ovidrel trigger. Last Thanksgiving eve I was in the hospital for bleeding and rhogam shot and then miscarried 2nd December.  This year FET date is set for 4th December. So weird how dates play out. I was not expecting to transfer during the holidays. Feeling excited and nervous. Praying out last embryo is our take home baby.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Invalid ERA result

I got bad news from my RE. He said my biopsy result was INVALID for the ERA because there was too much tissue collected in ratio to the preservative in the test tube! RE thought more would be better but not in this case. I am used to disappointments by now but sheesh, I got maternal cell contamination for my 8 week loss last summer, now again an invalid result. RE was apologetic and he assured me that Ivigen would give me a refund for the $870. Doesn't give me back the 2 months I lost though. I asked him what he thought of doing an extra day of PIO for next transfer. He understood me not wanting to do another biopsy since there would most likely be a 3rd biopsy needed should the result be pre-receptive. He agreed. Trying to find the silver lining in this bad luck situation, I asked my nurse since I am on cycle day 11 and haven't ovulated yet could we try for a natural cycle transfer this month.I have been doing opk's to keep tabs on my Lh surge. She calculated when I would have my FET approx 3rd Dec and she said luck would have it they have an opening that day! So I start my natural cycle for FET tomorrow CD 12. Hopefully my lining will be thick enough. I have been drinking pom juice and raspberry tea, taking lArginine, vit e and wobenzym n. The same as last cycle. Good thing I continued taking the prednisolone to keep my inflammation down and then increased the dose to 20 mg a week ago. We were going to NTNP this month. This time last year I got a spontaneous bfp but I miscarried because I hadn't met with Dr H. yet then. Now that I have the prednisolone and lovenox. I will always wonder if this protocol would have helped me save that pregnancy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ERA- Endometrial biopsy-CD 21

I had my endometrial biopsy for my ERA today. Startling discovery when my RE did my 21 day ultrasound. He said I have Adenomyosis! (yes in addition to endometriosis which I had excised in May this year) It's a mild case that he said shouldn't affect my getting pregnant. I know quite alot about adenomyosis because my close friend since childhood has it. It makes a woman's body produce too much estrogen. This makes me angry because my 4 medicated ivf cycles probably caused my adenomyosis in the first place!!! That explains why my body reacted so adversley to the del estrogen injections. I was already producing too much estrogen. Back to my childhood friend. She went for her 19 week utrasound where she was supposed to find out the gender. Sadly her baby's heartbeat was gone. :(  she said she heard it with the doppler just 2 days before :(  I am devastated for her. Not feeling much hope for myself now since she is the same age as me (44). 

When RE found the "adenomyosis" His first reaction was quite annoying. "This thing is growing" he said. Then he turns to me like a kid who has found a hidden treasure in the sand and says "It looks like a pregnancy...but it probably isn't". Not the kind of thing you tell a woman who has had 8 losses and doing donor egg ivf.  So he had me do a pee pregnancy test just in case.  All this time in my head I am thinking ..but we used birth control. I couldn't be what was the RE seeing in my uterus? Maybe the ghost of the pregnancy I had last November? I am only cycle day 21. How could he see a pregnancy on an u/s even if I had conceived. I should have told him smugly when he said it wasn't  a pregnancy.."well I have gotten naturally pregnant several times including last November" Not that I expect him to remember but it almost makes me feel like getting pregnant naturally again just to remind him I can get pregnant without his help! I know, a bit irrational, but the nerve of him you know?  Pregnancy test was of course negative. If he really thought it was a pregnancy on cycle day 21, why not order a beta? Urine hpt would not show positive that early. My beta from my chemical was zeroin Sept. I just don't understand Re's.

After the biopsy he said Ivigen recommends a second biopsy. I really don't want to delay embryo transfer by another month and pay another $900. *sigh* If I get a "pre-receptive result" That will be good enough for me. Then we will know we need to add an extra day of pregesterone, Natural cycle requires so much bloodwork and u/s. I will do it for transfer but not for another ERA. I also told him that I was disappointed in the "natural cycle" I thought natural meant only progesterone supplementation without estrogen which I want to avoid.  He said it would be risky to do it without. I said no way if I get pregnant am I doing estrogen until week 12. I have known other women who did a natural cycle without estrogen. So we compromised and I will only have to estrace from cycle day 16 until BFP. Then I can discontinue and only do Progesterone.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Another blood work and ultrasound appointment yesterday morning and today. My poor veins are shot, Good news though, that 23.9 follie is gone and they saw corpeus luteum so I ovulated on my own and wont need the ovidrel trigger injection! Bloodwork confirmed it and I felt ovulation cramping last night too so I was pretty sure I ovulated. Endometrial biopsy is scheduled for 11/11. I'm So relieved it doesn't fall on a weekend so Dr M will be doing my procedure as I hoped. I can't always be unlucky. I start my vag estrogen and PIO tomorrow

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ERA- CD 14- (Ovulation)

Yesterday and today more blood draws and ultrasounds. My lining is 9.5. I think the person measuring on Sunday was being generous with her 9.9 measurement.  Tomorrow will be the 6th office visit for this Natural cycle so far  and I have to go back in again tomorrow! At least they detected my LH surge to day Maybe I won't need that Ovidrel trigger that's sitting in my fridge afterall! My follie is 23.3 and ready to pop! I am feeling some cramping on my right ovary. Unusual because it's usually the left. I was beginning to think my right ovary was blocked or something. Nurse said estrogen is dropping and progesterone is rising  indicating ovulation is happening soon. Thank goodness! I am tired of having to leave at 6:30 am every morning to get there for 7:30. Hopefully this will be the last before my ERA biopsy. My nurse cracks me up. She said I am her first natural cycle and she doesn't want me to feel like I am the experiment. I am the teacher lol

Sunday, November 1, 2015

ERA- Natural cycle-CD 11

I had another ultrasound and bloodwork today. I have 9.9 lining so far. All my transfers I've had 7.8 -8.6 which is good but this is excellent and no del estrogen hormone injections to thicken lining! E2-254 and LH- 4.32. RE was worried at my age that my lining would not get more than a 6. He said he would have to cancel a natural cycle that was less than a 6.  Well he will be surprised when he gets my results. I'll start PIO in a few days. This is a mock cycle but they are doing everything the way it will be for the cycle I do embryo transfer.I am so glad I am doing a natural cycle with no Estrogen because that is the medication that affected my thyroid. Feeling hopeful and considering doing a December transfer if ERA results come back receptive. I have another appointment on Tuesday.