Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gearing up for FET cycle

My first period after my lap was pretty bad but my gyno promised that future cycles should be pain free now that the endo has been removed.  Due to not being allowed to eat from the day before the lap until a day after and then all the vomiting (found out I am allergic to percocet), I lost 7 pounds, down from 101 to 95 pounds.  I am sure alot of that is loss of muscle mass since I stopped doing weight resistance for 3 weeks. I have been eating alot of cashews, gluten free pasta & bread and increased my calorie count to try to gain it back so I can be a healthy weight for my FET. My BMI is now dangerously low at 16.8 :(

Two days ago I had a root canal done. My dentist just wanted to put a crown, but I asked for a root canal because the oral surgeon he referred me saw decay behind the filling.  I don't want to have to be dealing with this a few months from now when I will hopefully be pregnant. I told him I want my gums to be healthy since I've had 6 miscarriages. He was sympathetic, but he didn't think their was a connection between my losses and my gums, since I don't have an infection.  Then he shared a story about his sister in law who also suffered from losses and then had success.  I started the birth control pill right after my lap. I had a consult with my RE and he seemed positive since I had the lap done.  He said the only way I can manage my endo is with lupron.  However right now, overlapping my birth control pills will have to do since I am having an FET in August. Lupron treatment will be an option if pregnancy doesn't work out. I have been taking pyconogenol as it helps with endo.  DH took it for 2 years and it increased his low sperm morphology and I had 3 spontaneous pregnancies during that time. Had I known then that it would have been good for me also, I would have taken it as well.  It is also good to prevent sunburn.  I got sunstoke after snorkelling one year  and Dh was barely sunburned! Made no sense since he has that fair Irish complexion. It made sense later, when I read about the sunscreen effect why only I got sunstroke.

We leave for Barbados in 2 weeks.  As soon as we return I will have baseline my appointment, lining checks and start del estrogen injections.  The pain in my fingers has disappeared despite all the crazy thunderstorms we have had lately. I'm not sure if the Wobenzyme is doing it's thing or inflammation is at a low level since I had the endometriosis removed. I am happy about this and I'm looking forward to swimming in the ocean every day and eating mangoes from my parents tree!  Praying that my August FET is a success. Supplements I have been taking:
Thorne Basic Prenatal
Prenatal DHA with 2000 iu D3
Niacin 50 mg (to prevent over-methylation from methylfolate prenatals)
NAC 600 mg with selenium
Probiotic (20 billion)

I will discontinue these next 4 when I start prednisolone:-
Alpha lipoic acid 600mg
Wobenzyme n ( for pain in fingers)
Pycnogenol (maritime pine bark) 150 mg (for endo management)
COQ10 200mg
I will discontinue Krill oil 1000mg when I start Lovenox.