Thursday, May 28, 2015


Eric's Grandmother passed away the day before memorial day.  .It was such a shock. She looked so well when we went to see her on Mother's day. The new valve put in her heart was supposed to give her a few more years. RIP Grandmom. You will be greatly missed. Funeral is tomorrow, the 29th May.

I had my laparoscopy on the 26th.  Surgeon removed  2 sites of endometriosis. Both on my uterus. However, he accidently nicked my stomach so I had to get a couple stitches there too. I also had to stay overnight in the hospital. I was not allowed to eat or drink anything and I had already been fasting the day before surgery. They gave me some pretty strong drugs in my iv and I kept waking during the night hallucinating.  Different nurses were checking on me and I lost track of what meds they were giving me because I was so loopy. I saw a nurse to my right (she wasn't there-when I focused hard I realized it was just an empty chair). Then the other 3 times I was talking to my husband (who had gone home at 10 pm). He didn't respond so I realized I was hallucinating again.  When the nurse came back I told her not to put any more drugs in my iv. It was making me loopy and I was seeing things. The anti-nausea patch can also cause hallucinations and I had put one behind each ear by mistake. It should have been only one but the instructions on the box were not clear.  When I told the nurse she immediately took one of them off, but since I them since the night before, the meds were already in my system.  Back home now and still extremely bloated in my abdominal area. I can feel all the gas under my skin. Pain in my shoulders is gone.

Tomorrow is the funeral and it will be a 3 hour drive.  Poor Dh is already tired from driving up to PA Mother's day, the following Sunday for father in law's birthday lunch, then a wedding last weekend. He was the groomsman and so we had to spend the whole weekend there for rehearsal & wedding. My throat is so sore from the tube they put in my throat for Lap procedure. I see white spots there so I suspect I have a strep throat. Hurts to swallow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Walmart cashiers crack me up!

I had alot of hormonal headaches and cramping throughout my cycle last month on birth controll pill. So we decided condoms were a better idea this month. I noticed the cashier at Walmart looked at my wedding ring after she rung up the box of condoms. As Dh was putting the last bag in the cart she hands him the last bag (she had put the condoms in there alone) and tells him "Don't forget this one .You're gonna NEED those!" LMAO!! While walking to the car I told him with a wink "Woohoo! Yeah I'm in for a fun weekend!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The plan

Always delays. Biometrics screening on April 29th was postponed till May 19th due to the riots in Baltimore. I have been sugar free for 3 months since I was taking prednisolone. So have to keep it up another month. This extra month is tough though. I am craving chocolate. Especially Land O lakes raspberry hot chocolate. Haven't you noticed that you crave what you are not supposed to have even more so?

I had my consult regarding laparoscopy surgery with Dr Morosov. Luckily he has an opening for May 26th.  I have to be at the hospital at 7 am. Mornings have been hard since I weaned off the awesome prednisolone. Fibro is back with a vengence.  Dr M didn't think the Lap would help but he agreed to it after I told him that I have had another 5 miscarriages in less than 2 yrs. Dh was pushing me to see a councellor because I was falling apart at the seams.  He doesn't like seeing me depressed.  I have been gardening, spring cleaning the basement for mind therapy. Plus I am looking forward to visiting my parents in July.

My RE hasn't gotten back to me regarding the ERA test or the intralipids or the natural FET that  I requested.  It's always, I will check to see if we offer it.  Or "Oh I will put in a request for you". Then he forgets about me. Either that or he went on holiday.
On a more positive note. Dr Hamersley ordered the inexpensive generic prednisolone for me.  The 15 mg is so much cheaper than the 5mg.  Not to mention that I had to double up on pred pills.  The first time that she sent Rx, they wanted to charge me $680 for a 30 day supply again.  Because she had ordered 10 mg and it only comes in 5mg and 15mg, they were filling it for 5mg. I told the pharmacist that would not work since I have to increase to 30 mg for 5 days during my transfer. Not to mention that the 15mg is only $38 compared to $689 for the 5mg! My nurse said she thinks they pumped up the price of the 5mg since alot of ivf clinics use 5mg dose now.  So Dr H sent the RX for 15mg. At last! RE said he was cool with going along with that protocol. Yet he refused to order anything more than 5mg for the last year or so!  He just didn't want to be responsible for ordering anything more than 5mg. ppftt!

My prednisolone has been shipped. Yay! I wont need it till Aug when I start my FET meds but might as well get it now, in case they decide to change the price on me.  Or it might go out of stock. With my luck that is what would probably happen so I am gonna stock up from now through mail order.