Thursday, May 29, 2014

Frozen embryo transfer -27th May

Tuesday the 27th May was my Embryo transfer. I had to cancel my acupuncture appointment because they scheduled me for 11:30 and it over a 2 hour drive to get there. However I could have gone to acupuncture because they bumped 2 people ahead of me. I had a full bladder from 10-12:15. Not fun. I think the 2 people they transferred before me had emergency transfers. That happened to me in 2012. They bumped me ahead of someone else . My transfer was suppose to be in the afternoon that time and they said I needed to come right away at 8am. Anyway I did not pee on the doctor so all is good! :)

My RE has agreed to let me take prednisolone and aspirin, for elevated antinuclear antibodies. I also have elevated Natural killer cells, which I asked by last OB to order from by Reprosource. but he would not order the test for me or interpret the results. It clearly said on the lab results HIGH next to NK cells.  So I haven't been able to get a prescription for intralipids. This seems to be the magic ingreidient for most ladies with cytokines who's blogs I have been follwoing :( Hopefully the prednisolone and baby aspirin therapy will be enough to keep those ANA and cytokines under control! I also take extra strength Krill oil which has Phospholipids. Praying for our rainbow baby! Eric has been calling our embryo "George" from the time he saw the embryo photo. He said he felt it would be good to give the baby a temporary name instead of referring to him /her as the embryo. He is so cute. George was his paternal grandfather. It's also his middle name. He joked that if it's a boy we can nickname him Boy George LOL (He knows I loved Culture club when I was a teen). If it's a girl, maybe Georgia? lol