Friday, February 15, 2013

BFP on Valentine's day 02/14/13!!!

Yesterday was the best Valentine's day ever! I took an hpt at 4:30 am and after a less than a minute I saw only one line and thought to myself "just as I thought...bfn". I washed my hands and another couple minutes later I picked up the hpt to throw it in the trash and there it was..a faint second line!! BFP!!According to my fertility friend chart I was 13 dpo.  After 3 years of ttcing, a miscarriage in march 2010 and unsuccessful ivf cycles in 2011 and 2012, we got our miracle!  My husband and I are on cloud 9!! I made chocolate cheesecake cupcakes and stuck a note in one that read "We're pregnant!" Then we rushed to the immediate care and I got a beta test done and doctor confirmed I am pregnant! The doctor calles it a "spontaneous pregnancy".I was sooo excited my pressure was 138/90 which is very high for me. It is usually 100/65 or lower. I took another test on a digital and was so happy to see the words "pregnant"!!The fertility doctor said it was impossible to get pregnant without IVF. With God all things are possible!! Thank-you Jesus! We are leaving for Barbados on February 18th! Can't wait to tell our parents about our miracle!