Friday, August 8, 2014


August 1st my HCG levels were finally down to zero!  I talked with our Re last week and I insisted that we wanted to have the Natera 24 chromosome PGS. Our clinic uses the vitrification method of freezing so hopefully our embryos will be ok. Eric and I wanted to do PGS before the embryos were cryopreserved, but when I asked our RE he did not think it was necessary. He said that young women (our donor is 25) do not have aneuploid eggs. However, I have done some research and this is NOT true. Yes they have alot less than someone my age. However, when their ovaries are stimulated to produce 30 eggs, there is a lot more chance of aneuploidy. I read a lady's blog a couple months ago and her experience with PGS. She said that her best two AA blastocysts were the ones with aneuploidy and the two that were given a less desirable grade were the chromosomally normal ones.  I am praying that the PGS gives us some answers regarding my last 2 miscarriages. Hopefully by transferring a euploid blastocyst and doing the prednisolone and lovenox therapy that we will have our rainbow at last.