Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baseline and start of medicated FET cycle

I am back from visiting my parents in Barbados.  I had to go to the doctor the day before I left and he prescribed antibiotics because I got an infection in the incision in my navel from my Laparoscopy procedure. I felt so ill on the plane. By day 3, antibiotics started kicking in and I started to feel much better. We had beautiful sunny weather and so Eric and I were able to go to the beach almost every day. Surprisingly because it is the rainy season there and it only rained one day during the whole 2 weeks! My parents house is 5 minutes walk from the beach. I was taking Wobenzyme N after my surgery and switched to prendisolone 7/16. Took last BCP 7/24 and had my baseline 7/27. I started del estrogen injections and baby aspirin that night. Oh did I mention how awesome it is to have pain free periods since my endo was removed?

This time I won't start lovenox until 2 days before my transfer.  My pinky finger got swollen and sore with a popped up vein 2 days before my March FET and I wonder if the lovenox started that early (3 weeks before transfer ) caused it? Idk, but I sure hope that doesn't happen again. The acupuncturist said it was a blockage and actually had to poke a needle in vein to release it. Yesterday I went to my GP to get my thyroid levels checked. The countdown to FET 8/24 has begun!...