Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Embryo grades means nothing. PGS is the only way to determine karyotype

My clinic does not reveal the gender of our embryos, however after explaining to my RE why I needed to know should I have another miscarriage, he said yes he would contact Natera to find out the gender once I am pregnant.  The karyotyping after a miscarriage is not always a sure thing because of the maternal cell contamination. They don't do gender selection which is understandable. I agree that every embryo has a right to have a chance. He told me the grade of the abnormal embryo - AA! - female.  To me, this, proves that the grade or quality is not an effective way to choose an embryo. I said to him "so my other 2 miscarriages with AA embryos could have been chromosomal too?" and he answered "Yes possibly but it is unlikely that embryos produced from the eggs of a 26 year old donor would give 3 out of 6 abnormal embryos". He then added that he doesn't know what my problem is...

Monday, December 29, 2014

PGS results

Eric and I returned from our holidays in Barbados yesterday. Well this morning really, We arrived at midnight and they lost one of our luggage so we were there an extra hour filling out a missing baggage claim. Finally went to bed at 2 am! I had a voicemail from my nurse. The results from the embryos came back on 22nd December. We have 3 embryos with normal chromosomes and ONE had abnormal chromosomes (Monosomy 20). Hopefully this gives us our answer. That it was most probably a chromosome abnormality with the 2 DE miscarriages I had this year also. It's exactly what I have been praying for, that just one would be abnormal,  to let us know there could have been a chromosome problem. Now we still have 3 healthy frosties! If all 4 had been NORMAL though, we definitely would have had to wait and save up years for a gestational carrier.

Embryo       Grade       PGS result
#1                  AA           Abnormal
#2                  AB           Normal
#3                  AB           Normal
#4                  BB           Normal

I am sick with a bad cough from an infection in my throat and a rash on my hands. At first I thought it was sinusitus, but think otherwise after seeing the rash, I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow. Alot of people are suffering from mosquito transmitted diseases in Barbados at the moment. Like chikungunya and dengue fever . I don't get ill much, but I always seem to catch something when I travel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

miscarriage #6 - 6 weeks 1 day

I buried what would have become our baby in the plant we bought back from our honeymoon in Hawaii.  It may seem strange but I felt that I had to do something respectful. I feel this was most likely a blighted ovum. It was nothing like the natural miscarriage I had 5 years ago when I was almost 10 weeks and baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks. The pain was worse than kidney stones with vomiting for 5 hours and then passing out just as I passed the sac. I had none of that this time. I did pray that if this was a non-viable pregnancy to let it happen soon and not when we would be on vacation in 2 weeks. I have betas starting Friday to monitor hcg levels back down to zero.

I just got an email from my Egg donor nurse with consents for PGS Embryo biopsy. I wonder if the timing is not just a coincidence...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Beta #4

My Ob phoned today. I was sure she was going to tell me my numbers had gone down. However she said they were still rising and were at 931. When I sighed she said not to worry about the slow rising numbers and since the last beta was done at the hospital in a different lab, we should disregard that one and just calculate from beta on 24th which was 453. This is a doubling of  98 hours which is much lower than normal. From what I have read, seems to be a blighted ovum. I have never had one of those. I am praying it is not ectopic. However the doctor wasn't too concerned, She was happy I wasn't having any cramping which would be a bad sign and indicate ectopic. She said if I have any cramping to call immediately. She said to just wait until my ultrasound on the 9th December and do another beta then. I confessed to taking the Wobenzyme n. I told her that it had removed all the pain from my fingers and I felt much better on it.  Her response surprised me as most doctors do not believe in supplements. She said "Well that is good". She didn't tell me I should stop taking them. With George the betas slowed right down to doubling of 252 hours and we still saw a HB. So news could be worse.