Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Karyotype results

Our karyotypes came back normal for both Eric and me.  While waiting on the results I had convinced myself I must have translocations since my parents were over 40 when I was conceived. The genetic councellor said that the next pregnancy could be perfectly normal and not to be scared of  trying again.  She said the last 3 miscarriages were just bad luck. I am so ready for our luck to turn around!

The long list of Repeat pregnancy loss bloodwork also came back negative for everything. Homocysteinene levels were normal, Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin)Protein C Panel (Free Antigen Functioning), Antithrombin Activity. All negative.  I also had a mammogram screening last friday since this time last year I had to have 7 calcifications biopsied. Everything was fine this time. Yay! On the 20th July I was still getting a faint positive on pregnancy test but by 22nd it was finally negative and I got AF.  I just got a positive opk today Cd 16. So ready to try again!