Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FET protocol

FET cycle and some changes. It took alot of convincing but my RE agreed. My concept is, if I want different results , then we must do things differently. If it fails then I try a different method until we get our rainbow! I know it isn't a guarantee. My baseline appointment yesterday went well. Uterus and bloodwork check. Got the ok to start my del estrogen injections yesterday. After talking with Dr B, I decided to increase my prednisolone to 10 mg a week before my transfer. He said that he thinks there was definitely an immune issue involved in my last FET m/c. RE added daily lovenox starting March 2nd. Now with a PGS tested normal embryo to transfer I am feeling cautiously hopeful!

Thorne basic prenatal (3x daily)
Prenatal DHA -Nordic Naturals.
Nutrigold Vit d 3 5000iu
Wobenzyme N 4 pills 4x daily (since November 3rd- discontinuing when I start lovenox)
Soul (1 packet daily)- discontinue day before Embryo transfer
Pomegranate juice daily (I hate it as it is now replacing my glass of wine lol)
del estrogen start 03/02- 0.2 ml every 3rd day
lovenox start 03/02-(40 mg daily)
prednisolone 10 mg daily
PIO-start 03/17
Acupuncture once a week

My thyroid antibody test and T3 and T4 Free came back normal. Vit D3 was a bit high but that is because I was supplementing more than the usual. Weekly acupuncture- hopefully will be able to get a session the day of embryo transfer. Fingers crossed it is an afternoon transfer. Last time it was in the morning and I had to cancel my acupuncture because we have a 2 hour drive to PA. However, they delayed my transfer by over an hour so I could have gone to my acupuncture instead of struggling to hold it and praying I would not pee on the doctor!!grrrr

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The ignorant things people say rant

Only a handful of ppl know our embryos were created from donor egg.  Mostly women friends online who have been through losses. On new years eve, a close friend of dh tried to give me a pep talk about my losses, telling me that I should just eat healthy, exercise and not worry. He said that alot of his friends have gotten pregnant and had no problem. I had to ask him if he knew about chromosome abnormalities. (Puzzled look from him). He and his fiancee listened to my explanation. Anyway, last week we went to dinner with the same friends. After alot of discussion about their upcoming wedding plans, Dh said how hopeful we were now that we have 3 PGS tested normal embryos.  I added that I was worried about the immune issues and talked about the prednisone and lovenox. So his fiancee (age 31) says "Well, women over 40 have more risk for chromosome abnormalities." Well, little does she know, our egg donor was only 25 at the time of Egg Retrieval.  I miscarried 2 of those embryos (cause unknown) and one of the PGS tested embryos had a chromosome abnormality-Monosomy 20.
My response was : I already know from experience that women over 40 have increased risk for ch ab. but it is not always the case. I have met alot of women where immune issues were at play. Genetic mutations like MTHFR can cause unexplainable birth defects. A friend's baby was chromosomally normal and could not survive due to these birth defects. So very sad.

Then on a forum for pregnancy loss I had been following, a lady who is pregnant after 16 chemical pregnancies by using prednisone therapy says:
The more I read and study I find that the only women who really need IVF are the ones who do not ovulate naturally and even some of them can coherse their bodies to ovulate and produce eggs of quality with the right foods vitamins and meds"

Speaking from experience, I disagree! Thanks to opks I know that I ovulate like clockwork every month! I have gotten pregnant several times "spontaneously". Had my m/c babies been tested chromosomally normal then yes, I would keep trying naturally with immune therapy. However I need IVF because there is no other way to do PGS and avoid any more miscarriages due to chromosome abnormality. So the women who need IVF are not only those who DO NOT ovulate naturally!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Due date and my phone consult with Dr Braverman

Today would have been George's due date. We will never know if George was male or female, because of MCC of the Anora test. Eric thought our baby should have a name from day 1. You will always be in our hearts George.  That blanket I crocheted every day while I was pregnant with you is complete and a reminder that you are watching over us.
I have been long awaiting my 10 min phone consult with Dr Braverman. I made the appoint 2 months ago! Well yesterday was the day. I was so hopeful and I had all my notes ready. I phoned at 2 pm, my scheduled time and was told to phone back in 25 mins- I was told this a few times and finally the lady said he would phone me back. I waited and waited. He didn't phone. Today on EDD for George, Dr B phoned me back. Coincidence?

He said that he would love to help me but he has dealt with my clinic before and they said it is against their policy to follow his immune protocol. So he said I cant either transfer my embryos to him or try to convince my RE to sign the form that consents that they will work with him and give him credit for the immunology testing. I told him about the 5 mg prednisolone not being enough last FET. He agreed that a higher dose was needed but he could not do anything unless my RE signed a consent allowing him to order the meds. Well the doctor's board of directors at my clinic would not approve intralipids so...slim chance they will agree to Dr B's suggestions.

Then this morning I decided I wanted to wear brown shoes and pulled out my little brown bag. There was a "Bonefish Grill" restaurant receipt in the side pocket. I opened it and the date was 06/20/2014. The date we first saw George's heartbeat on the monitor! I got chills.... Was it just a coincidence that I decided to use that little brown bag today? Come to think of it, I haven't used that little bag since that night when we went out to celebrate the heartbeat!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Embryologist answers my questions about aneuploidy

I have been worried about my Re's response in my last phone consult in which he said that it was unlikely that embryos created from a 25 yr old donor would produce 4 out of 6 abnormal embryos and that the monosomy 20 was probably the only one of the bunch.
So I contacted an embryologist and asked her this question:
"How high is the probability that our other 5 AA embryos that I miscarried (chemical and FET @ 8 weeks) also had chromosome abnormalities? 

Her answer:
Hi Chantal,
I think that sometimes younger donors have higher rates of chromosomal abnormalities than we expect. In two cases, we had 100% abnormal embryos in young donors. But this was very rare. However, in your case, the good news is that you know that the 3 frozen embryos using the donor’s eggs have normal chromosomes-because you had PGS- so you are in good shape going forward. By the way- the grade of an embryo has little correlation to whether the chromosomes are normal- in other words- you can’t tell by just looking at an embryo. Beautiful embryos can be abnormal and irregular “ugly” embryos can be perfectly normal. I wish you MUCH GOOD LUCK for your next transfer!! Carole 

This has put my mind at ease a bit and I am praying that with prednisolone and adding lovenox, I can carry our baby full term! However there is also that other comment my RE made..
"I don't know what is your problem"  Yet he won't increase my prednisolone dose from 5 mg. I have a phone consult with Dr Braverman 10th Feb so it will be interesting to get a Reproductive immunologists' point of view.