Saturday, June 28, 2014

2nd ultrasound

Yesterday's ultrasound (June 27th) was bittersweet. We heard our baby's heartbeat. :) Yet the doctor measured me at only 6 weeks 3 days when I should be 7 weeks. I know in my past pregnancies this has meant doom. Especially since the heart rate was 109 and last week was 108 so has not increased. According to this site this is considered moderately low.

I will continue to pray for our baby. When we have faith there can be no fear. I have another sonogram in 10 days. Was supposed to be in one week but it is 4th July weekend so I have to wait till 7th July. Patience really is a virtue!

I did notice something interesting about the sonogram. Last week the time that was registered on the sonogram was 11:11am! And this week was 1:11!  I often see 11:11 or 1:11 when I look at the clock and I have read that this means an angel or loved one that has passed or your guardian angel is trying to communicate with us.  I started seeing this after Paula, my sister in law died. So I believe she is looking out for George. God as usual, I am handing everything over to you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

First ultrasound and Heartbeat!

I am in shock! First ultrasound today. Eric and I saw our baby and a heartbeat!! Measuring right on track at 6 weeks 1 day! The nurse made me crazy with slow rising beta numbers and possible ectopic for about a week. I asked the doctor about it and he said the ultrasound is all that matters and everything looks perfect. The nurse just phoned to say I should make an appointment with an OB. I asked "So what about the slow rising beta numbers?" She said "Oh that could have been anything". I do not have any pregnancy symptoms other than sore breasts but I am still pregnant! Praise the Lord!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

6 weeks

I have zero symptoms other than period like cramps when I first wake up and frequent urination.  The very sore breasts are from the daily Progesterone in oil injections. I still have the extreme hunger and fatigue. Usually at 6 weeks the morning sickness is at full force.  Well maybe that means this is a male since I had lots of morning sickness with the female we lost a year ago. First ultrasound tomorrow. I am praying constantly. I am gardening to pass the time and keep my mind off everything. Those darn rabbits won't stop digging up my radishes and chewing the leaves off my cucumber plants! I will need to get more fencing like I have around the strawberry plants......

Monday, June 16, 2014

4th Beta (5 weeks 4 days)

My beta is 3463 . It has only doubled after 252 hours :(   I asked the nurse what this could mean. She said they want to check to see if the pregnancy in in the correct place. In other words they are worried about an ectopic pregnancy. Either that or the baby stopped progressing. So Friday, June 20th is my 1st sonogram. Four pregnancies during a span of 16 months. Last year 20th June I also got bad news with our angel girl. I was 8 weeks and that was the day they could no longer find her heartbeat :( It is so hard to not be negative when I have had 4 miscarriages. I know that slow rising betas a not a good sign. Yet I refuse to believe that God would let us come this far and not have success.
  • 1st Beta 06-09-14 - 13dp5dt-1137! 
    2nd Beta 06-11-14 - 15dp5dt-1923- 64 hour doubling (normal)
    3rd Beta 06-13-14 - 17dp5dt-2842- 85 hour doubling (Lower than normal)
  • 4th Beta 06-16-14 - 20dp5dt-3463-252 hours doubling (Much lower than normal)
  • :(

Friday, June 13, 2014

3rd Beta

My nurse took a long time to phone with my beta. I think it is because my numbers are rising even slower. :(  HCG only increased by 48% to 2842. The range is between 72-96 hours. SInce mine is  doubling after 83 hours, I am on the low end of that range. She said not to lose hope because my numbers started out high. I know if that was the OB I had last year she would have said this is not looking like a viable pregnancy. The nurse said that we would find out more on sonogram next Friday.  I appreciate her being encouraging. I asked for another beta because a week is a long time to wait! So Monday I have one final beta. Strangely enough I don't feel scared or upset. Maybe my body knows everything will be ok? Intuition? I hope! The crawling has resumed in my ankle and gives me a bit of reassurance. Like Eric said maybe I just needed some acupuncture to get the circulation going again.

I had acupuncture this morning. It is supposed to help with reducing NK killer cells. I am still praying for a miracle.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2nd Beta

My 2nd beta  Wednesday 11th was 1923. The nurse said it was rising nicely. When I asked "Shouldn’t it have doubled?" She said no, they are looking for a 60 % rise and mine rose by 69 %. I think that they prefer it to double every 48 hours but the nurses there are so encouraging. I had some period-like cramping which worried me because I have not had any fluttering or stretching at all so this does not seem good.

I have to have another beta on Friday 13th. So much for my nurse saying I wouldn’t have to have as many betas if I waited a week after I got my first positive.  With the pregnancy I had last May/June the OB only made me have 2 betas. I remember her saying that all was well because the numbers were doubling every 48 hours.
I requested the 3rd myself because I was being cautious. Trying to think positive... at least it went UP and not down. 

The online hcg calculator says:
Under 1200 mIU/ml they look for doubling of 31-72 hours.
Then between 1200 to 6000 mIU/ml 72-96 hours. 
Mine is doubling after 63 hours so I am still in range.
I wish I had insisted to have my first beta last week. Then I would have at least known if it was doubling early on.. Seems that after 1200 they do not always double. I would not have had to wait 2 days waiting and wondering..The graph shows that my first beta was even higher than "maximum" so I can't help but think maybe our embryo split in 2 and only one implanted properly? Vanishing twin. I know it is common when 2 embryos are transferred. The chance of one embryo splitting are slim but still possible with a FET.

Neither Eric nor I got much sleep last night! I woke up at 2 am and was very hormonal and emotional. 
I didn't feel pregnant anymore because the crawling I get in my ankle every pregnancy has stopped. :(

I have a 7:30 am appoint for bloodwork again tomorrow and then acupuncture. Eric's shoulder is still hurting so we will both go for acupuncture afterwards.

Monday, June 9, 2014

1st Beta

My 1st Beta is 1137!  My nurse's exact words "You have a very pregnant beta of 1137!!"
This is my first successful IVF cycle! (After 3 BFN's in 2011, 2012 and a chemical pregnancy in February this year) Praise Jesus!  Last May at this stage of my natural pregnancy I had a beta of 244 so I am producing alot more HCG with this pregnancy. Here is my HPT from June 7th (11dp5dt) The test line is even darker than the control :)  Maybe IVF pregnancies implant sooner than spontaneous ones? Anyway, my due date is 11th February! Two days before Eric's birthday! Second beta is on the 11th June :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

9 days past a 5 day transfer

I am 4 weeks today! The test line is just as dark as control line on hpt.Praise Jesus! I am going to acupuncture tomorrow to help relax me. I still have 4 days to go till my beta June 9th. I bought some cheap dollar store tests just in case I feel compelled to poas! lol

Monday, June 2, 2014


Isn't it amazing that even when you've yet to have a viable pregnancy...when all of your pregnancies have ended in miscarriage...those two lines send your head and heart right off 

Isn't it amazing that even when you've yet to have a viable pregnancy...When all of your pregnancies have ended in miscarriage...Those two pink lines start your heart pitter pattering and your tummy feeling like butterflies are fluttering around in there! I am 6dp5dt.  I would not even call this a quinter. The line is definately there! I still have a whole week to wait for my beta!

Eric's does not like Mondays. Who does? So I thought if only I got a positive today, it would help start his week off on the right foot...And I did :) I usually hold off longer to test but I had some strong implantation cramps two days ago so I thought why not? lol

Thank-you Lord! Please protect our baby from those evil cytokines and Antinuclear Antibodies in my body. It is all in your hands now!