Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Visit to the ER and Beta #3

Had to go to the ER for spotting to get a Rhogam shot. My beta was 780. U/s showed no gestational sac...Have to repeat quant beta in 2 days. Praying it's not ectopic. The doctor said the hcg  doesn't indicate ectopic, but it has slowed down to doubling at 70 hours. She said they don't normally see anything on u/s until betas are at least 1000. However my lab paperwork shows they could not rule out ectopic either since this is a PUL. So another beta for me on Friday. They also saw a small fibroid, so I am wondering if that is what is causing the spotting. Strange because on CD 10 my RE said my saline sonogram was flawless. He is the one who caught the first fibroid I had removed in 2010. He has an eagle eye so I know he would have seen it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beta #1 & 2

  So the nurse phoned this morning and said The Ob wanted to schedule a viability u/s in 2 weeks. I said "What? I haven't gotten any beta numbers yet!"  They had never phoned me with the 1st one from Friday so I was assuming the worst.  She said Beta #1 on Nov 21st was 183 and Beta #2 Nov 24th was 453! So doubling time of 50.5 hours. I have always had strong symptoms with all my failed pregnancies. Over 400 I should be feeling something other than sleepiness right? Maybe its the wobenzym masking symptoms like prednisolone does?  My viability u/s is 9th December. I am torn as to whether or not I should call my donor egg nurse and tell her. I still have some prednisolone here but 5 mg didn't work for the last pregnancy. Maybe I should just stick to Wobenzym. Idk. Ob's nurse said she will not prescribe it as she does not believe it has any positive effects. So much for being a high risk Ob.

Monday, November 24, 2014


This cheered me up! My new supplement SOUL by Rain (Essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants)finally arrived from CA! My childhood friend who also has struggled to have a baby told me a doula recommended this supplement. She said that it works similar to intralipids.  Since I can't get a doctor to prescribe intralipids. Giving this a try :)
Ingredients:black cumin seeds, black raspberry seeds, grape seed, D-Ribose.

Another Beta and still waiting...

Ob hasn't phoned me back with result from my 1st beta I had on the 21st. I had my second one drawn this morning.  It is sad that at my age doctors feel it must not be a viable pregnancy. I bet she is waiting to phone me tomorrow with the 2 betas so that she can tell me straight up that the numbers didn't double. *sigh* The thing is IF it is a viable pregnancy, then I need to switch to prednisolone. I already explained this to her nurse.  I cannot phone my ivf nurse because last year with both of my spontaneous pregnancies I phoned my RE's office and told them I was pregnant and I was so scared to miscarry again, could they have him phone me back and they said I would have to contact an OB. He didn't phoned me back either. The next time I saw him was when I had my hsg for donor egg. So when I got pregnant with George and Eric said the pregnancy looked like it was measuring behind like the one before. The RE said he had no record of that pregnancy. I answered" no because you never phoned me back."

here is my pee stick from yesterday:

Friday, November 21, 2014


Still waiting on biopsy and PGS of embryos to be done and I missed my period!! I am 43! Eric was away on a business trip and we only had Nookie once before he left (not even sure where in my cycle I was??) What are the chances of this happening? They say there is always a reason things happen right? I decided to test over the weekend because had red spotting on CD 23. (That was my uh-oh moment). I got a faint line on a FRER after a full 5 mins on CD 28. However my breasts stopped being sore the next day so thought it might be a chemical. Tested again yesterday and today and lines are getting darker. It is sad to say but I feel total and utter desperation with this pregnancy.  Gone are days of bursting with joy, racing heart, tears of joy. I feel sad for this little embryo. I don't think it has much of a chance in my evil uterus without steroid treatment. I phoned Ob and getting beta #1 this afternoon. Trying to stay zen and just breathe...

Nov 20th:

Nov 21st

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wobenzym N

Yesterday I started a new supplement. I did quite a bit of research on it first.  I have also talked to a lady online who has had success after multiple losses. She said it works much like prednisone without the side effects. I figure I can take it until a month before my next FET and then switch to the prednisolone since I know my RE will roll his eyes at this supplement.

My nurse contacted me and said they would be doing the biopsy for PGS on our embryos next week.! Yay! Finally!