Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maternal Cell Contamination

 I am so upset!  As if we have not had enough bad luck already, the doctor said there was Maternal cell contamination of the Karyotype results on the miscarriage.  So we are left with no answers whatsoever!! Normal female XX which the doctor said was probably from my cells because it matched my blood :( This is the worst possible outcome. Now we don't know whether it was the NK cells in my uterus that caused the miscarriage or if there was a chromosome issue :( No answers. Where do we go from here? I feel so empty, like I went through another miscarriage and there is no evidence that this pregnancy ever even happened and that George ever existed :(

Sunday, July 13, 2014

D & C

I had a d & c July 11th. hopefully we get some answers from the karyotyping.  I am praying it is a chromosome issue and that it was not my Nk cells in my body that attacked a healthy baby. :(
I was looking forward to being pregnant on my birthday July 20th. Everything happens for a reason everyone keeps telling me. All I know is I need to be strong because I have a wonderful husband who is good to me and losing all these babies is affecting him just as much as me. I am grateful for having him in my life and everything we have been through has brought us even closer together.

Monday, July 7, 2014

3rd ultrasound- 8 weeks 4 days- No heartbeat :(

RIP George. You will be in our hearts always. We love you and will miss you...
(last CRL measurement was 1.3 cm (13 mm) 7 weeks 6 days)