Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FET protocol

FET cycle and some changes. It took alot of convincing but my RE agreed. My concept is, if I want different results , then we must do things differently. If it fails then I try a different method until we get our rainbow! I know it isn't a guarantee. My baseline appointment yesterday went well. Uterus and bloodwork check. Got the ok to start my del estrogen injections yesterday. After talking with Dr B, I decided to increase my prednisolone to 10 mg a week before my transfer. He said that he thinks there was definitely an immune issue involved in my last FET m/c. RE added daily lovenox starting March 2nd. Now with a PGS tested normal embryo to transfer I am feeling cautiously hopeful!

Thorne basic prenatal (3x daily)
Prenatal DHA -Nordic Naturals.
Nutrigold Vit d 3 5000iu
Wobenzyme N 4 pills 4x daily (since November 3rd- discontinuing when I start lovenox)
Soul (1 packet daily)- discontinue day before Embryo transfer
Pomegranate juice daily (I hate it as it is now replacing my glass of wine lol)
del estrogen start 03/02- 0.2 ml every 3rd day
lovenox start 03/02-(40 mg daily)
prednisolone 10 mg daily
PIO-start 03/17
Acupuncture once a week

My thyroid antibody test and T3 and T4 Free came back normal. Vit D3 was a bit high but that is because I was supplementing more than the usual. Weekly acupuncture- hopefully will be able to get a session the day of embryo transfer. Fingers crossed it is an afternoon transfer. Last time it was in the morning and I had to cancel my acupuncture because we have a 2 hour drive to PA. However, they delayed my transfer by over an hour so I could have gone to my acupuncture instead of struggling to hold it and praying I would not pee on the doctor!!grrrr

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