Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Embryologist answers my questions about aneuploidy

I have been worried about my Re's response in my last phone consult in which he said that it was unlikely that embryos created from a 25 yr old donor would produce 4 out of 6 abnormal embryos and that the monosomy 20 was probably the only one of the bunch.
So I contacted an embryologist and asked her this question:
"How high is the probability that our other 5 AA embryos that I miscarried (chemical and FET @ 8 weeks) also had chromosome abnormalities? 

Her answer:
Hi Chantal,
I think that sometimes younger donors have higher rates of chromosomal abnormalities than we expect. In two cases, we had 100% abnormal embryos in young donors. But this was very rare. However, in your case, the good news is that you know that the 3 frozen embryos using the donor’s eggs have normal chromosomes-because you had PGS- so you are in good shape going forward. By the way- the grade of an embryo has little correlation to whether the chromosomes are normal- in other words- you can’t tell by just looking at an embryo. Beautiful embryos can be abnormal and irregular “ugly” embryos can be perfectly normal. I wish you MUCH GOOD LUCK for your next transfer!! Carole 

This has put my mind at ease a bit and I am praying that with prednisolone and adding lovenox, I can carry our baby full term! However there is also that other comment my RE made..
"I don't know what is your problem"  Yet he won't increase my prednisolone dose from 5 mg. I have a phone consult with Dr Braverman 10th Feb so it will be interesting to get a Reproductive immunologists' point of view.

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