Sunday, August 30, 2015

6dpt- The POAS madness begins

I was a hormonal wreck at church this morning.  While singing a hymn that went "..through the storms we are facing let God be our light..." I started tearing up as I thought that the message must be for Eric and I! Ugh! Hormones!! Then I felt a strong pinch on the left of my uterus.  Like our little one was saying "I'm still here!!"  As soon as I got home,  I poas on one of those new FRER  hpts. The line isn't much darker than IC from yesterday. So Eric said "Try another Internet cheapie!"

He usually does not encourage me to test and usually says wait till my expected period (2 days before beta). This time he is in on board the POAS train too!! lol  The 2nd line is a bit darker. Phew! (IC detects 20 miu. Like several ladies on  Babycenter have said, the New FRER do not give a 2nd strong line like the original ones did!! Very disappointing. I don't care about the curved handle cuz I like to pee in a cup anyways! I was surprised when Amazon sent these. Please God let our baby stay.  It's all in your hands now.

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