Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1dp5dt- Acupuncture

I had an acupuncture appointment this morning.I really needed it because of this 30 mg prednisolone (I am actually taking 9ml/28 mg cuz at 97 lbs, I think that dose is tad high for me)  Jamie, the u/s tech who checked my pulse yesterday right after my transfer said it was high. She asked if I was having heart palpitations and right after I said no, I then I felt them. At least I didn't have to fib. She was concerned and said I should call them if it continued and they may have to lower the pred dose. Ut-oh.  I don't want to lower it to anything less than 20mg because all the studies my MFM has shown me show this is the minimum dose for success.  Besides, the PIO is causing plenty of side effects. Some of the ones I have been noticing: dizziness, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, confusion, forgetfulness, impaired concentration and insomnia. Insomnia is also a side effect of prednisolone. and it is back. I am waking up at 4am. It took me 2 weeks to get used to the 15mg dose and I was finally sleeping 7 hours. Now I have almost doubled the dose, so was kind of expecting it.

I was so sad about the passing of Lauree's baby  that I didn't have the heart to make an update last week on my blood work results I got back from my GP's office. I went for blood work on 7/28 and 8/11. Anti-nuclear antibodies and Anti-SS B were both Negative! My RE Dr M was very pleased about this.  Dr Braverman was right! He said that endo causes ANA to flare up.  I am so glad I listened to him and had the laparoscopy done to remove it. ANA It was positive for 10 yrs and now suddenly negative! I am cautiously hopeful about this FET. For once the word negative is a good thing!!! I've been getting my thyroid levels checked every 2 weeks. Free T4 was 2.3 which is above normal range, which worried me, so I emailed my RE and he said it was a bit high but not to worry about it because my Free T3 and other thryoid tests were great. TSH was 1.67 on 7/28 at the start of my protocol, but the result was missing from the 8/11 panel. Since it's was the recommended "below 2", I will try not to worry. GP said he will ask the lab to re-run the test. I phoned Dr Hamersley's office to discuss results of my test and other questions. I told the nurse that she could call me back at her convenience when she wanted to put me right through to her while she was with a patient. I prefer when they call on their own time, then they have more time to talk.

 I drew the Hawaiian Owl card from the spiritual animal deck. Pay close attention to signs and omens.  I had this card last July. The sign/omen I had was in the form of a nightmare.  We had gone to see Malificent in my 7th week and  in the dream Malificent was holding the baby blanket I was crocheting for our baby. She unrolled it and cackled "The baby is Gone!!" {Insert Diabolical laughter here} This happened around the time the HB stopped 8 weeks 4 days but baby was measuring 5 days behind at 7 weeks 6 days). Then in March, with my BFN cycle, the omen would have been the painful, swollen/veiny pinky finger  2 days before my embryo transfer.

Our hatching embryo reminds me of one of my Journey CD covers "ESCAPE":

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