Friday, October 30, 2015

ERA- CD 9 Bloodwork & ultrasound

My Lining is 7.8 on CD 9.  Bloodwork results- LH-  4.32 and E2- 119. Nurse said I have one follicle growing nicely so I go back on Sunday. Hoping that I ovulate on my own so I don't need the ovidrel (hcg trigger) injection. This ERA cycle is like a mock cycle. I will start PIO injections and estrace after I ovulate. Not sure when in relation to the biopsy procedure. Re said biopsy would be 7 days after ovulation. Loving this "Natural cycle" so far and that  I can skip the 3 weeks of del estrogen injections. That awful vaginal burning( allergic reaction in) was the worst and I am sure it was my body telling me something was wrong. Plus each bottle was $490 a bottle out of pocket.

Dr M finally got the gender from my last Chemical pregnancy. Normal Boy. Our first boy. All the others (from donor egg) have been girls. Funny because I had nicknamed him "Little Eric"

I have been doing my "Restoring fertility yoga" dvd again and Eric is teasing me about the breath of fire lol He imitates the drumbeats to a tee when I have the volume turned down. He cracks me up. I used to cue it up daily for 3 yrs in a row. I realized how much time has passed since I started it back in 2011 by the length of their hair! Mine was like Wendy Yu's when I started. Now even after cutting it 5 inches it's longer than the one lady's with the mid-back length. 

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