Sunday, November 1, 2015

ERA- Natural cycle-CD 11

I had another ultrasound and bloodwork today. I have 9.9 lining so far. All my transfers I've had 7.8 -8.6 which is good but this is excellent and no del estrogen hormone injections to thicken lining! E2-254 and LH- 4.32. RE was worried at my age that my lining would not get more than a 6. He said he would have to cancel a natural cycle that was less than a 6.  Well he will be surprised when he gets my results. I'll start PIO in a few days. This is a mock cycle but they are doing everything the way it will be for the cycle I do embryo transfer.I am so glad I am doing a natural cycle with no Estrogen because that is the medication that affected my thyroid. Feeling hopeful and considering doing a December transfer if ERA results come back receptive. I have another appointment on Tuesday.


  1. Hi there, just checking out your blog. We spoke on the immune management page. Good luck with everything! Rooting for ya!

  2. I am rooting for you also Alexia! Has Dr B interpreted your results yet?

    1. Yes, he has. I even received lab results, which I don't understand of course. I have not however been able to talk to Dr H to actually hear what his interpretion so in spite of all this, I am still in the dark. I took a few days and over last weekend to let it go and just re-group without thinking about it. I was becoming a nervous anxious wreck. So I calmly emailed Dr H again today to ask if she could call me to go over his interpretation. She emailed back that would call me to let me know his interpretation. So I am seriously hoping that she calls me today. If not I really don't know what else to do but breathe and try her again...

  3. Looking forward to hearing what she tells you. It's a shame she can't just give Dr B permission to tell you the results. Will check on the immune management board for your update!