Friday, March 15, 2013

No miracle at the end of the rainbow

Well this isn't going to be our miracle baby :(  sonogram showed that this isn't a viable pregnancy. Eric and I are very sad since we know it is probably our last chance conceiving naturally since I will be 42 soon 
I have a subchorionic hemorrhage in my uterus under the gestational sac. The sonogram tech also found 2 cm fibroid which they didn't see last time but she said the pregnancy hormones could have made it grow over the last several weeks. She said it's not the same kind of fibroid as I had 3 years ago with last miscarriage. That one was protruding into the uterus while this one is not and could go away on it's own.  

I will be going to OBGYN on Monday and we will discuss further if a d &c needs to be done. I really was praying that I would never have to go through another miscarriage. It has been the worst thing I have had every had to go through. 

*Update- I had my d & c on March 25th. On May 6th I had a follow-up appointment with Ob to discuss the results of the chromosome testing done.  The OB explained that my pregnancy was not caused by the age of my eggs. It was a tetraploidy 92 XXYY(male). She has never seen this before and the cytogeneticist said it is quite rare. 1-2% occurrence. There were 4 sets of chromosomes! I did some research and this is how it happens; A one-cell embryo (with 46 chromosomes = 23 paternal + 23 maternal) should divide into two cells with 46 chromosomes each. The chromosomes have to duplicate first. However,  if the division fails,  the new cell will have 92 chromosomes (instead of the normal 46 XY)

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  1. :-( Not sure what to say....My heart breaks for you..Im thinking and praying for you and hubby...This cant be easy