Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Beta and still waiting...

Ob hasn't phoned me back with result from my 1st beta I had on the 21st. I had my second one drawn this morning.  It is sad that at my age doctors feel it must not be a viable pregnancy. I bet she is waiting to phone me tomorrow with the 2 betas so that she can tell me straight up that the numbers didn't double. *sigh* The thing is IF it is a viable pregnancy, then I need to switch to prednisolone. I already explained this to her nurse.  I cannot phone my ivf nurse because last year with both of my spontaneous pregnancies I phoned my RE's office and told them I was pregnant and I was so scared to miscarry again, could they have him phone me back and they said I would have to contact an OB. He didn't phoned me back either. The next time I saw him was when I had my hsg for donor egg. So when I got pregnant with George and Eric said the pregnancy looked like it was measuring behind like the one before. The RE said he had no record of that pregnancy. I answered" no because you never phoned me back."

here is my pee stick from yesterday:

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  1. I hate REs with a passion. That is a dark line you have there.