Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beta #1 & 2

  So the nurse phoned this morning and said The Ob wanted to schedule a viability u/s in 2 weeks. I said "What? I haven't gotten any beta numbers yet!"  They had never phoned me with the 1st one from Friday so I was assuming the worst.  She said Beta #1 on Nov 21st was 183 and Beta #2 Nov 24th was 453! So doubling time of 50.5 hours. I have always had strong symptoms with all my failed pregnancies. Over 400 I should be feeling something other than sleepiness right? Maybe its the wobenzym masking symptoms like prednisolone does?  My viability u/s is 9th December. I am torn as to whether or not I should call my donor egg nurse and tell her. I still have some prednisolone here but 5 mg didn't work for the last pregnancy. Maybe I should just stick to Wobenzym. Idk. Ob's nurse said she will not prescribe it as she does not believe it has any positive effects. So much for being a high risk Ob.

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