Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Doctor (Maternal Fetal medicine)

I made an appointment with Dr H. I saw an interview with her on repeat miscarriages and she is very knowledgeable about immune disorders in pregnancy.  She's had 3 miscarriages herself and has a blood clotting disorder. So I have faith that she will do everything she can to help me stay pregnant. Hopefully she will agree to increase my dose of prednisolone. OB Dr A was very anti-corticosteroid. She is high risk but does not understand my particular situation. RE, Dr M just puts me on whatever protocol he gives his other patients.

So for 3 days in a row I asked the animal spirit guides oracle cards about Dr H and 3 days in row I amazingly pulled the very same card! Funny thing is, my Chinese Astrological sign is the boar lol I have an extremely good feeling about Dr H and pray that I am pregnant when I meet with her on April 9th.

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