Friday, April 3, 2015

Beta confirms BFN

I had my beta today which confirmed BFN.  I had a long talk with my RE about Dr. Braverman. I told him that I had a phone consult with him in February and that he said I most likely had autoimmune or alloimmune issues.  He said he does respect what Braverman does, but he is not authorized to prescribe the high levels of prednisone or ivig that he recommends.  I said now we know for sure chromosomal issues are not the cause because this was a PGS tested embryo. I asked him to at least order the HLA testing to see if Dh and I have matches and he said he would read the website.  Even if he orders the tests, he cannot promise that he will be able to do the immune protocol that Braverman recommends.  I told him I am not transferring anymore PGS normal embryos until we get tested. I also want to have a laparoscopy because my gyno has always suspected that I have endo and the RE didn't think it could cause miscarriage but now after all the research I have shown him that Dr. Braverman has done he admits it could be a possibility. I want the gyno/surgeon who did my hysteroscopy in 2010 to do the lap though. Not my clinic. They did a lousy job with my last d & c. At my WTF appointment I am also going to ask him about an endometrial scratch or biopsy to see if I have Endometritis (an infection in the endometrium lining from a d & c). 

Dh wanted  know the sex of our lost embryo. Re was supposed to tell me once I got pregnant. I was so busy advocating for reproductive immunology I completely forgot to ask.  Over the last 2 weeks I crocheted a baby dress. We will see if my feeling was right. I included that question in the email I sent.

Next step is meeting Dr Hamersley (MFM).. I have been told that she does believe in autoimmune treatment. 

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