Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BFN 8dp5dt

I caved and tested. Yesterday there was a faint second line.  Today it was again a faint line but it isn't getting darker so I am pretty sure it's a chemical. 
Why is it that my uterus grabs chromosomally abnormal embryos but rejects the PGS tested normal ones? Also, I just started spotting.  I have never bled on PIO before.  I've only had IB with my natural pregnancies.  I had super strong period like cramps on Saturday the 28th. I woke up to an orgasm from a vivid sex dream.  Then cramping for a good 10 mins. I thought for sure they had been implantation cramps.(remember the Hawaiian owl card ~pay close attention to signs and omens and vivid dreams?)
I moved my beta to this Friday.  Why torture myself with 3 sets of daily injections? I have a migraine, I'm am having night sweats and I am in the worst mood of my life. I think it's because I'm no longer pregnant and so my body isn't using the hormones and it's affecting me in a really bad way.  I got really pissed yesterday because I phoned ISCIS and found out that my green card with my married name change was undeliverable because our stupid mailman keeps putting the wrong mail in the wrong boxes! I know this cuz I keep getting neighbors mail and putting it into their box! Dh has even driven a few streets away to bring a lady her medication which were delivered here! Its one of the many things I love about him. His kindness to strangers. I should have received my card before my transfer and I remember saying it would bring us luck. Maybe it was a sign when I never received it. 

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