Monday, December 29, 2014

PGS results

Eric and I returned from our holidays in Barbados yesterday. Well this morning really, We arrived at midnight and they lost one of our luggage so we were there an extra hour filling out a missing baggage claim. Finally went to bed at 2 am! I had a voicemail from my nurse. The results from the embryos came back on 22nd December. We have 3 embryos with normal chromosomes and ONE had abnormal chromosomes (Monosomy 20). Hopefully this gives us our answer. That it was most probably a chromosome abnormality with the 2 DE miscarriages I had this year also. It's exactly what I have been praying for, that just one would be abnormal,  to let us know there could have been a chromosome problem. Now we still have 3 healthy frosties! If all 4 had been NORMAL though, we definitely would have had to wait and save up years for a gestational carrier.

Embryo       Grade       PGS result
#1                  AA           Abnormal
#2                  AB           Normal
#3                  AB           Normal
#4                  BB           Normal

I am sick with a bad cough from an infection in my throat and a rash on my hands. At first I thought it was sinusitus, but think otherwise after seeing the rash, I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow. Alot of people are suffering from mosquito transmitted diseases in Barbados at the moment. Like chikungunya and dengue fever . I don't get ill much, but I always seem to catch something when I travel.

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