Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Embryo grades means nothing. PGS is the only way to determine karyotype

My clinic does not reveal the gender of our embryos, however after explaining to my RE why I needed to know should I have another miscarriage, he said yes he would contact Natera to find out the gender once I am pregnant.  The karyotyping after a miscarriage is not always a sure thing because of the maternal cell contamination. They don't do gender selection which is understandable. I agree that every embryo has a right to have a chance. He told me the grade of the abnormal embryo - AA! - female.  To me, this, proves that the grade or quality is not an effective way to choose an embryo. I said to him "so my other 2 miscarriages with AA embryos could have been chromosomal too?" and he answered "Yes possibly but it is unlikely that embryos produced from the eggs of a 26 year old donor would give 3 out of 6 abnormal embryos". He then added that he doesn't know what my problem is...

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