Monday, December 1, 2014

Beta #4

My Ob phoned today. I was sure she was going to tell me my numbers had gone down. However she said they were still rising and were at 931. When I sighed she said not to worry about the slow rising numbers and since the last beta was done at the hospital in a different lab, we should disregard that one and just calculate from beta on 24th which was 453. This is a doubling of  98 hours which is much lower than normal. From what I have read, seems to be a blighted ovum. I have never had one of those. I am praying it is not ectopic. However the doctor wasn't too concerned, She was happy I wasn't having any cramping which would be a bad sign and indicate ectopic. She said if I have any cramping to call immediately. She said to just wait until my ultrasound on the 9th December and do another beta then. I confessed to taking the Wobenzyme n. I told her that it had removed all the pain from my fingers and I felt much better on it.  Her response surprised me as most doctors do not believe in supplements. She said "Well that is good". She didn't tell me I should stop taking them. With George the betas slowed right down to doubling of 252 hours and we still saw a HB. So news could be worse.

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