Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lucky 7?

After a 2 hour drive to PA yesterday, I had a 5AB (chromosomally normal) embryo transferred to my uterus that will hopefully be his/her new home for the next 9 months.  This was the first time I didn't have other patients go ahead of me. Not having to hold a full bladder for an extended amount of time made the experience so much better! I was happy that Dr S did our transfer since I did get bfp's with my last 2 transfers. I also felt no discomfort whatsoever.  Little did I know 3 yrs ago that my 3 mins of excruciating cramping with Dr Y's transfers was NOT normal. He went over the PGS results with us and what was interesting to find out was that the "abnormal monosomy 20" was actually graded 5AA. Not 5AB, as I had been previously told by Dr M. I wonder if his eyes crossed over the lines in my results? Or did he not want to admit was it same grade as my 2 miscarried embryos? Dr S said the abnormal embryo was #1 and would have been the next in line to be transferred and added that it was a very wise choice to do the PGS. (I did not say anything about Dr M telling us that PGS was unnecessary with such great looking embryos). Our remaining 2 frosties are 5AB and 5BB. Dr S added "the grade does not matter anyway because they are chromosomally normal".
It has become a ritual for us now to go eat at Pei Wei after a transfer. I had my usual GF spicy shrimp with brown rice. This morning I had an acupuncture session. This afternoon lots of bubbling in my uterus. If embryo sticks, this will be pregnancy #7. The 2 ww until beta begins...

I forgot to mention one thing that was concerning, I woke up in pain 2 days before my transfer, the pinky finger on my left hand swelled and a blue vein was poking out.  I pulled this card from the animal spirit guides cards.  Our honeymoon was in Hawaii so I thought this was interesting.

The book goes on to say "the guidance can come to you in many forms, whether through your eyes, ears, feelings and thoughts. Sometimes your ancestral spirit guides appear in dreams, particularly vivid ones."  I went to acupuncture the day after my transfer since again my transfer was a Monday and they are closed on the weekend so no chance of getting a session in the day before. My acupuncturist said the swollen finger was caused by a blockage and he used extra needles to bleed it out.  It feels much better now.  I wonder though if it was a bad omen warning me not to proceed with my transfer. Dh thinks I am being paranoid.  He is so sure this cycle with work with a PGS normal that he bought a new CRV.  When the car salesman showed us the hidden mirror where you can have a view of a baby or  child in the backseat, Dh smiled at me. Yeah that sealed the deal for him.

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