Monday, March 16, 2015

Lining check and green light for FET

I had an ultrasound and bloodwork today and my uterine lining is 8.6mm.  I was a bit disheartened because last FET it was 9.5mm. I asked if lovenox might be keeping it on the thin side but the nurse dodged around the question.  I have been drinking that yucky pomegranate juice every freakin day same as last time.! Sigh. Oh well. RE and nurse both assured me it was a great lining and reminded me that we have normal embryos.  They don't get it. I've had no rashes so far so good but I still worry about immune issues.  The days have warmed up but the night keep dropping in the 20's and this constant fluctuation in temp is causing my fibromyalgia pain in my neck and upper back.Oh and darn brain fog! I don't have the crazy energy I had last time on prednisolone even though I am taking 10 mg now. I start progesterone injections in 2 days and am already feeling sooo sleepy. Thankfully, the pain in my fingers is gone (goodbye inflammation)