Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Invalid ERA result

I got bad news from my RE. He said my biopsy result was INVALID for the ERA because there was too much tissue collected in ratio to the preservative in the test tube! RE thought more would be better but not in this case. I am used to disappointments by now but sheesh, I got maternal cell contamination for my 8 week loss last summer, now again an invalid result. RE was apologetic and he assured me that Ivigen would give me a refund for the $870. Doesn't give me back the 2 months I lost though. I asked him what he thought of doing an extra day of PIO for next transfer. He understood me not wanting to do another biopsy since there would most likely be a 3rd biopsy needed should the result be pre-receptive. He agreed. Trying to find the silver lining in this bad luck situation, I asked my nurse since I am on cycle day 11 and haven't ovulated yet could we try for a natural cycle transfer this month.I have been doing opk's to keep tabs on my Lh surge. She calculated when I would have my FET approx 3rd Dec and she said luck would have it they have an opening that day! So I start my natural cycle for FET tomorrow CD 12. Hopefully my lining will be thick enough. I have been drinking pom juice and raspberry tea, taking lArginine, vit e and wobenzym n. The same as last cycle. Good thing I continued taking the prednisolone to keep my inflammation down and then increased the dose to 20 mg a week ago. We were going to NTNP this month. This time last year I got a spontaneous bfp but I miscarried because I hadn't met with Dr H. yet then. Now that I have the prednisolone and lovenox. I will always wonder if this protocol would have helped me save that pregnancy.

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