Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ERA- CD 14- (Ovulation)

Yesterday and today more blood draws and ultrasounds. My lining is 9.5. I think the person measuring on Sunday was being generous with her 9.9 measurement.  Tomorrow will be the 6th office visit for this Natural cycle so far  and I have to go back in again tomorrow! At least they detected my LH surge to day Maybe I won't need that Ovidrel trigger that's sitting in my fridge afterall! My follie is 23.3 and ready to pop! I am feeling some cramping on my right ovary. Unusual because it's usually the left. I was beginning to think my right ovary was blocked or something. Nurse said estrogen is dropping and progesterone is rising  indicating ovulation is happening soon. Thank goodness! I am tired of having to leave at 6:30 am every morning to get there for 7:30. Hopefully this will be the last before my ERA biopsy. My nurse cracks me up. She said I am her first natural cycle and she doesn't want me to feel like I am the experiment. I am the teacher lol

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