Friday, November 27, 2015

FET CD 14- Ovulated on my own

Something weird is going on with my lining.  The nurse practitioner who measured it yesterday said it was only 6.8!? My heart sank. RE measured it at 9.8 yesterday and so he said that couldn't be possible so he redid the u/s. He measured 7.8. Not much better. :( He said once ovulation happens, lining does not get any thicker on a natural cycle. My regular RE said it could thicken a bit now that I started estradiol. I ovulated on my own yesterday so didn't need the Ovidrel trigger. I also felt O pain. Today RE measured it at 6.8 but it was 9 in some areas. I don't know if the adnomyosis is causing this?  My cycle may have to be cancelled if lining keep thinning. RE said it wouldn't be the biopsy because it is usually beneficial for implantation.  I had a great lining last month at 9.5.  I have to go for bloodwork & ultrasound again Thursday 3rd. The day before scheduled transfer day.  I am so tired from all these early morning appointments.  I should have transferred last month when I had a 9.5 lining instead of wasting it on the endometrial biopsy for the stupid ERA.

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  1. I promise you as a veteran of asher man's support groups that a baby can implant and thrive on a 6.8 lining (which I am not even convinced yours is since it measures differently throughout). I have born witness to healthy babies being born on 5.5 linings. Keep the faith!