Friday, December 4, 2015

Transfer day

My transfer was supposed to be at 1:30pm, but due to scheduling mix up because someone having a surgical procedure wasn't told they had to have a full bladder,my transfer was delayed till 2:45! Ironically, I was sitting there with a full bladder from 12;30 -2:40 while we waited for the other patient to fill up hers. I have had lots of procedures so I empathized, when they were asking what her pain was on a scale of 1-10 and she said 9. Eric kept my mind occupied by telling me jokes and being my loveable goofball.  At least I managed not to pee on the doctor. Our transfers have always been on Mondays and this was a Friday so hopefully that change will be a good thing. The biggest change is this was a Natural versus medicated cycle. Here are pics of us at the clinic and our hatching blastocyst. Our last PGS normal embryo. Praying this is the one.


  1. Continuing to think of you with everything crossed and sending so many prayers into the universe.

  2. So exciting!! It looks beautiful! You have been through so much! I hope this is it!!!