Friday, September 4, 2015

11dpt-Beta HCG

                                                                             27.9  :( 
I was driving to acupuncture when I got my beta result this morning. Only 27.9 (11dp6dt)  Sadly, looks like a Chemical with another PGS normal embryo :(  This morning's hpt has gotten lighter. I could tell by the nurse's  tone of voice it was bad news.  She said to continue meds and go in for repeat beta on Sept 8th but agreed that  it looked like my hcg was dropping, since I had my first positive hpt at 5dpt, which was a whole 6 days ago. My due date should have been Mother's day 2016.
 I poured my heart out to my acupuncturist who I has been treating me weekly for 4 yrs now.  He gave me gave me a "miscarriage prevention protocol treatment"(needle on my front then I turned over and he put them in my back). He really wants this to work for us. He treated Eric for 2 yrs and it improved his 2 % sperm morphology to 5%
We have one embryo remaining. Thinking of going right into another FET in November. Will be asking for a natural cycle.  I feel the hormone replacement drugs made my thyroid go all out of balance. The problem with that is if it falls on a weekend my FET will have to be cancelled because they don't do "donor egg" transfers on weekends. The majority of women in a donor egg program at my clinic don't ovulate naturally I have been told. But I do! Arrghhh! The irony of that is just sad.

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  1. Chantal, I am so very sorry. You have had so much heartbreak. Wishing you only the very best in the next transfer. xoxoxoxo