Thursday, September 10, 2015

Waiting for impending miscarriage

My beta Sept 7th confirmed that this is a chemical and HCG had dropped to zero. I had been having severe headaches and I knew this was a sign of my hormones dropping rapidly. I phoned Tuesday morning, the 8th, to schedule my WTF appoint and never received a call back!! So I phoned again this morning and they wanted to give me the 25th Sept! Feeling so angry, yet trying to be as calm and polite as I could, I told the receptionist that I needed something sooner because I'd like to discuss having a saline sonogram and a natural cycle for my next FET. I added, that my nurse in on vacation and I didn't even get so much as a phone call from my RE (which usually happens after a miscarriage or chemical). I know he has been back from conference since the 8th because he told me in his last email that he saw my first beta and was hoping for me. So the receptionist felt badly for me and moved my appointment to 18th Sept. I have my list of questions and concerns. He told me I was not hypothyroid and not to take the synthroid. Then Dr Hamersley phoned me to tell me I had become hypothyroid and needed to take the synthroid immediately. Feeling angry that this chemical should not be happening.

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