Friday, September 18, 2015

WTF appoint with RE

RE had a cancellation so we went in an hour earlier and we were his last patients for the day. So appointment ended up being over 30 mins. It was not rushed at all so after covering all the concerns I had, he even chatted about some things he learnt at a seminar he recently attended. When we arrived he asked what I had on my mind and since I always like to get his point of view first before expressing my concerns/dislikes, I asked him his thoughts as to why this FET failed.  He admitted that the problem was most likely was an immune issue as I have said all along. With my ANA now negative with the immune therapy, I am really distraught that I've had another chemical. He agreed to let me have a a "natural cycle". He agreed we have nothing to lose since I will either have an adequate lining and they will transfer or they will cancel. He didn't say anything about cancelling if it fell on a weekend like he did when I asked about natural cycle before. so I didn't bring it up either.He said transfer would have to be next cycle though because they don't like transfer to be that soon after saline sono. So this month I will do opk's to see if I am still surging around day 12 like I was a few months ago. He thought it was good that I have been monitoring my ovulation when not on BCP.

I also want to have the Endometrial receptivity array (ERA) test done. They are finally offering it at my clinic. RE said this will delay me by a month because it takes a cycle to do the biopsy and testing.  I have noticed that my LH surge has gotten earlier (CD 12 instead of CD 14). So perhaps my earlier ovulation also means that my implantation window is earlier? RE said it certainly won't hurt ( the biopsy itself I know will hurt physically yes but ykwim)

I asked him about the possibility of mitochondrial errors in the egg.  He it was a possibility. I asked about IVIGEN's Mitoscore test for embryos. He said it was a controversial topic. He said that mitochondrial testing on embryo as well as endometrial transplant (3rd party IVF) is illegal in the US. The UK has approved it (they are always the ones to make breakthroughs regarding fertility) so hopefully the US will follow in their footsteps soon.   DH said he doesn't have much faith in our donor's eggs. RE replied that this is understandable after 4 failed FET's. Well, I am not giving up on our underdog "BB"frostie.  He/she is genetically normal and I feel they have a good chance if I just let my body do what it does naturally and keep my thyroid under control. All of the eggs couldn't possibly have gotten mitochondrial errors right?!

As to the gender of our last loss, he didn't have the result yet. *groan* He explained (emphasizing that this did not apply to us) that no-one could agree on when it was ok to reveal gender, 1st u/s or later. Since it is a guarantee program,they cannot risk telling their patients sooner might stop their meds if the embryo might not be the gender they wanted. Obviously in my case, I just want to know because I had a chemical and it was too early to test POC.

I wrote Dr H. (MFM) an email asking her to order thryoid bloodwork for me next week and to renew my synthroid prescription. She responded that she would. Since Dr H will be monitoring my thyroid, I didn't even bring up my thyroid with RE, other then to say that the reason I wanted to do a natural cycle was to avoid taking the del estrogen because it messes up my thyroid levels.  I have done hormone replacement replacement therapy protocol 4 times! My thyroid has reacted adversely to it and that was proven this last FET. So I am happy to be having my natural cycle finally!


  1. Just came across your blog today. We just had a 7 week MC with a PGS (CCS) tested Embryo. I haven't had my regroup yet. I am really interested in your your journey as you move forward.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. It is so hard when you have a loss with a PGS normal. I had an 8 week loss last summer and so we did PGS on remaining embryos looking for an answer.