Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some unsettling news about PGS/Gestational Carrier while waiting for WTF appointment..

My nurse patiently listened to my rant yesterday. I told her that I was considering a gestational carrier should our last embie not stick and we have to start over with a new egg donor. Then I went to the Resolve website to a thread I had been following about failed cycles with PGS tested embryos. A lady had updated in July. After she had 2 miscarriages at 7 1/2 weeks with PGS normal embryos, she decided immune issues were definately the cause, so she found a gestational carrier. Her Gestational carrier had a HB at 6/12 weeks and same thing happened to her, at 7 1/2 week no HB. How could it be an immune issue if her GC miscarried at the exact same stage of pregnancy?!

Could it possibly be error at the mitochondrial level occurring?  I have read this can happen when egg donors are stimmed with too high doses of meds. Our donor produced alot of eggs. Maybe it affected the quality of her eggs? Dh has low morphology and we were surprised that all the eggs fertilized.  Maybe we need to look into sperm and egg donor next time? Or did all our embryos have a mosaicism that PGS cannot test for? So many questions and it seems the more research I do,the more confused I am as to which is the correct answer in our case.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like more proof for the hla stuff..