Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why PGS normal embryos can have mitochodrial errors and end up as aneuploid embryos after transfer

There is a new test that can detect mitochondrial errors in embryos, even when 5day embryos appear normal.

This is what Dr Braverman has to say on the subject. Our egg donor had 40 follicles and 30 eggs were retrieved. I feel that perhaps over-stimming damaged the mitochondria in the eggs.

We, at Braverman Reproductive Immunology (BRI), now recognize that other conditions such as Endometriosis, PCOS, Diabetes, Obesity, Autoimmune Disease, as well as EXCESSIVE IVF STIMULATION can also dramatically affect the oocyte quality. In particular, these conditions affect the mitochondria, one of the key organelles involved in oocyte quality and necessary for the correct division of the future embryo (you need normal mitochondria to supply the power for nuclear division, if mitochondria function is abnormal even a genetically tested normal embryo will fail to divide correctly and end up as an aneuploid embryo after transfer).

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